Freshly Picked is a luxury baby goods e-commerce store that focuses on handmade genuine leather baby shoes. The company has grown up on social media: CEO and Founder, Susan Petersen, used social media extensively to raise Freshly Picked from a small in-home business to a multi-million dollar company.

Even as a large business, Freshly Picked puts the same passion and emphasis on social media interaction and believe it’s the best way to relate to their customers on a personal level.

So Much Engagement, So Little Time

Brian Fagan, Freshly Picked’s Social Media Manager, told us the team had started to feel the pressure of trying to keep up with their busy social presence. Managing their profiles natively on each network was becoming inefficient.

“We needed something that would help us monitor all our social activity, engage with our customers in a meaningful way, and keep us from missing important interactions,” Fagan explained.

And the search for the perfect social media management tool began.

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Freshly Picked’s Brian Fagan needed a tool to better manage the company’s conversations across social media channels.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Check!

When they started their search for a social media management tool, they found that many tools put more emphasis on analytics over engagement. After weeding out those tools, the Freshly Picked social team was able to make a list of tools that would serve as a possible solution, and Agorapulse made that list.

After trying out several tools on the short list, Fagan and his team settled on Agorapulse.

“Agorapulse really fit our needs; we didn’t want something overly complicated,” reports Fagan. “We needed software to help us manage the medium-to-large amount of activity that we were getting each day, in a sophisticated way, with a team.”

Instead of monitoring each profile separately and switching between them to answer questions and engage with comments, Fagan’s team is able to quickly and easily see all their incoming social messages in one place. “My team loves that we are able to cover every single comment with confidence, and put our names next to each one that we’ve conquered.”

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In fact, using Agorapulse has saved them a measurable amount of time. And if you’re anything like us, you know time is super valuable! “We’ve cut down the hours we work as a team by three hours each day. We are no longer missing powerful interactions with customers, and we are able to answer every question and monitor who comments.”

Making Agorapulse Work for Them

There’s a laundry list of features Fagan and his team use to make their social marketing easier, but he outlined a few specific things that really stand out to him:

  • Flagging feature to save time picking timeline giveaway winners from the thousands of comments they receive
  • Review feature to “divide and conquer” busy days without any repetition
  • Tagging feature to keep track of trends in their comments
  • Inbox to save tricky comments and questions for later without any problem

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Picked for Perfection

At the end of the day, Brian and his team need to be able to engage with their growing audience in an efficient and organized way, while still keeping the human touch that has helped their brand become successful. Luckily for them, Agorapulse has been the Swiss Army Knife of social media tools to help them save time and energy while simultaneously nurturing relationships with their customers.